Towing Service

Williston, ND

So you are sitting in your car on the side of the road in Williston, and you are trying hard not to get really upset, because your car has turned itself off and won't turn on again. Getting really upset probably won't help, but man is that infuriating. To top it all off, you had a meeting that you needed to get to and now you are going to be late. So now you need to get your car towed down to your local auto shop, and hopefully they aren't busy so you can just get it fixed right then and there.

The next problem you have is trying to find a towing company that will come get your car in a timely manner and get it to its destination without a hassle. There are so many different towing companies on the internet (isn't it great that you can just pull up your phone and search something? What did we ever do before we had these things?), it can be difficult to decide which one to use.

Well that is where we come in; Premier Towing and Auto Repair is your number one trusted source for all your towing needs in the greater Williston area. We have a friendly and helpful staff, and experienced drivers to ensure that you get your car to the exact location you specify in a safe and professional manner. We are timely as well, because we know that you do not want to sit around waiting hours upon hours for a tow truck.

So if you need a towing service in the Williston area and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for said towing service, then come down to Premier Towing and Auto Repair. Call us today and we will get that car towed in no time, so you can get it fixed and get back out there to your meeting!