Towing Service Company

Sidney, ND

Sigh…hey Steve. Look Steve, some of the guys have been talking and I'm not saying they are right, but some of them think that your car hasn't had anything wrong with it the last few times, and that you are just calling so that you can hang out with us. Look we understand that Premier Towing and Auto Repair customer service is so good that you feel like you become friends with our staff and technicians, but we still have a business to run here. There are lots of people out there who need the help of a first class towing service company, and it takes time away from them if you keep calling us when you maybe don't actually need your car towed.

Premier Towing and Auto Repair clearly offers exceptional customer service, just look at Steve up there. We also offer a variety of different services, such as lockout service, jump starts flat tire assistance, and we offer these at low prices, just like our towing service. Look we are not saying that our prices are so low that you can afford to call us just to hang out with us, but our prices are pretty low. We also aren't saying our customer service is so good that you will feel like we just became best friends, but well, we aren't saying that has never happened before either.

So if you need a great towing service company in the Sidney or Williston areas, then you should give Premier Towing and Auto Repair a call today. We have the tools, experience and skill to get your car towed safely and securely to its destination in a timely and professional manner. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you. Give us a call and see for yourself why we are the number one towing company in the area!