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Information: Do you need a towing service in the Williston area and don't know who to call? Do you want to make sure your car is safely and properly towed to its destination without any hiccups and at a price that is fair and competitive? Have you tried other towing services only to be disappointed by their high prices, lack of professionalism or poor attitudes? Well if you answered yes to any (or all) of those questions, then you need to get in touch with Premier Towing and Auto Repair. Don't settle for a subpar towing and repair service, ensure that you get the best in the business with Premier Towing and Auto Repair.

We get that towing services are a necessity that people would rather not need (because if you need a towing service, it means that something went wrong). However, that doesn't change the fact that you will still eventually need it. So since we are all here, and your car is already broken down, we might as well make this situation as pleasant as we possibly can. Here at Premier Towing and Auto Repair, we offer the kind of customer service and attentiveness that you just don't often see in our line of work. We fully understand that having a breakdown or flat tires is a huge inconvenience for most people, which is why we aim pretty high when it comes to our customer service; we know how much it can help just to have a friendly and smiling face to deal with during a time of distress. Learn More

Service Areas:

  • Williston
  • East Fairview
  • Watford City
  • Tioga
  • Sidney